OBEX Securities LLC

Founded in 2001, OBEX Securities provides a tailored, traditional approach to financial services.  We focus on delivering unsurpassed personal service to our customers while meeting the unique requirements of major institutions and high-net-worth individuals.  Clients benefit by working with our experienced and highly professional staff and the strong relationships which OBEX has formed with its various clearing firms.

Brokerage and Clearing Services

  • Equities – foreign and domestic
  • Prime Brokerage services
  • Futures and options on futures
  • U.S. and foreign government, agency and corporate fixed income
  • Electronic equity trading platforms for Europe and the U.S.
  • Financing transactions for equities and fixed income
  • Electronic foreign exchange in most tradable currencies
  • Non-ferrous metals, traded on the London Metals Exchange

Additional Value-Added Investment Services

  • Structured products
  • Tax-efficient strategies
  • Arbitrage opportunities

Foreign Exchange

Connectivity to a number of the world’s largest foreign exchange ECNs, where trades are settled with customer's custodian or prime broker.  A major bank will be the counterparty and guarantor for all completed transactions.  In  select situations, OBEX can assist with the set-up for F/X prime brokerage.  Salient points are:

  • A choice of no fee trading for maker or taker with no other fees above or below the price traded or a more traditional fixed only fee for liquidity services.
  • GUI stand alone or API stream through a host of aggregators or direct FIX connections to liquidity providers.
  • Trading may be totally anonymous and/or bi-laterally disclosed.
  • Deep pools of accessible liquidity through VWAP.

Securities Lending

  • OBEX has relationships with a number of major banks to offer securities lending service to its clients.
  • Our primary relationship is with an AA rated bank that acts in an agency capacity as a non-custodian lending company.  This bank has a fiduciary obligation to its clients to maximize the securities lending income while minimizing counterparty credit risk.  Securities lent on behalf of clients are guaranteed by this bank from any loss arising from default of a securities lending counterparty. 
  •  This approach is expected to generate greater revenues by the bank since they deal only with a select number of counterparties who have attractive stock lending and borrow needs.  As a prerequisite to lending “specials” the bank requires borrowers to direct their everyday general collateral needs to the bank which increases the income generated from those stocks in a portfolio which are not hard to borrow.
  • Through other relationships we could make a bid to have exclusive access to a client’s assets for a year.  The benefits of this model are that the bid is made net of any fees and expenses, and that the fee is guaranteed.  Having a direct relationship with a single counterparty also allows the client to easily control credit risk.
  • We can also offer a traditional securities lending service.